Green Catering

Credible Edibles offers catering for green meetings, and any celebrations and parties where being eco-friendly is important. We provide breakfasts, lunches and healthy breaks for groups ranging from 5 to 200 in compostable, corn-based containers or in traditional buffet-style. We also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options at no extra charge.

According to the federal government’s Green Meeting Guide, green catering includes:

  • using dishes, cutlery, linens that are all re-usable
  • avoiding any unnecessary disposable items
  • avoiding single-serve containers or condiments
  • using recycled paper products and recycling everything after use
  • purchasing local and organic foods and beverages
  • composting food waste
  • providing vegetarian menus
  • using re-usable containers for transport and delivery
  • using environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies

At Credible Edibles we meet all of these criteria and more. We are also users of clean energy through Bullfrog Power; we drive an environmentally-friendly Mazda 5; we bank at a local credit union; we donate to environmental organisations and more. We are Ottawa’s only truly green caterer.

If you are holding a working lunch with a group of colleagues, why not make it special and order from us? You will be guaranteed a fresh, wholesome and mouth-watering meal that is also designed to boost your energy levels and sharpen your focus.

Having a celebration for a colleague’s birthday or retirement? Why not order in and have a truly unique treat. We have a huge selection of menus to choose from and can even customise the meal plan to suit a theme.

Are you a teacher or class parent? Do you want an alternative to the usual crackers and cheese or fruit and yogurt for a class party? Look no further. Credible Edibles has a unique array of tasty and healthy snacking menus specifically designed to meet the needs of busy little eaters. We also offer an in-classroom workshop on good health and the role of nutrition, accompanied by one of our healthy snack selections.

Planning a birthday party for your child or teen? We have the perfect solution. Make your party extra special by having Credible Edibles cater. If your teen is environmentally-conscious or has chosen to become vegetarian or vegan, our catering is the perfect choice. Please see our Birthday Parties page for all the details.