Welcome to our newest section. On this page we offer reviews of cookbooks we use at Credible Edibles to create the lunches our customers rave about. Some cookbooks are combined with research highlights, in which case you will find them in the previous section, Food for Thought. New cookbooks will be added regularly. We encourage you to invest in a few good cookbooks and make eating better not only a high priority but an adventure for the whole family. If you have a cookbook to recommend to us, that you have found helpful in eating well without compromising on taste, please let us know by email. We will gladly try it, review it and, if we like it, post it in this section.

Refresh: Contemporary Vegan Recipes from the Award-Winning Restaurants by Ruth Tal with Jennifer Houston

This is a Canadian cookbook full of refreshing ideas and recipes. It is based on the experiences and menus of three vegan restaurants in Toronto: Fresh on Bloor, Fresh on Spadina and Fresh on Crawford. We have had the pleasure of dining in one of these fine restaurants and just had to buy the cookbook. Try their Magic Tofu Wrap, it is absolutely delicious and very kid-friendly.

Cooking with Foods That Fight Cancer by Richard Belliveau and Denis Gingras

As a follow up to their very successful book Foods that Fight Cancer, these two Montreal-based researchers offer us a cookbook with excellent recipes using the important ingredients proven to prevent cancer. We particularly like their Green Tea and Soy Milk Truffles, their Avocado and Citrus Dip and their Green Curried Legume Salad. The book as beautiful photos and actually updates some of the research from the earlier book and adds several new ingredients to their original list of 11 including seaweed, mushrooms and flax.