Credible Edibles began as a conversation between two sisters about how to provide their children with nutritious, environmentally-conscious lunch at school. Every parent knows that children can be notoriously difficult to engage in healthy eating when sitting in a crowded lunch room far from a parent’s watchful eye. And many parent’s dream of a convenient and reliable way to provide healthy, delicious lunches that their children will eat. From these humble thoughts emerged an idea: offering busy parents a lunch service in colourful, re-usable lunch boxes packed with a fresh and tasty, kid-friendly lunch and snacks delivered right to school. Munch N’ Lunch was born. No more frantic, last-minute preparation; no more half-eaten lunches at the end of the day; no more complaints or arguments.

And why stop with children? Many parents consulted in the development of this service said they would happily purchase the service for themselves or their entire families. And so was born the Family Plan. If your goal is to improve the eating habits of the whole family while saving time for precious family activities, this plan is for you. All members of your family receive a delicious, nutritious, environmentally-conscious lunch, delivered to your home in the early morning. Spend your mornings relaxing over a healthy breakfast, let us provide you with lunch.

And for those without children we created the Working Lunch. You can order a bento-box style lunch filled with an ever-changing variety of homemade salads, sandwiches, baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables and savoury dips. Your lunch is made fresh every morning and delivered in a fully compostable container to your work place between 10am and noon.